Relationships as long-lasting as our paintwork +20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

Atelier Desforges was founded in 2004. Today, there are more than 30 dedicated employees. All work together with industrial, institutional and commercial customers to provide a reliable and efficient painting service.

We are proud to be the trusted partner of many manufacturers of water features, carports, custom garage doors, bus shelters, farm equipment and street furniture. All our customers can count on a personalized turnkey service, from pick-up to delivery.

Powder coating service

Atelier Desforges, a leader in electrostatic painting since 2004, offers a high-quality service in the application of electrostatic powder paint, carried out by our team of experts. Our know-how is applied to a variety of materials and surfaces, guaranteeing impeccable results every time.

Sandblasting service

Atelier Desforges, recognized as a leader in sandblasting in Quebec for many years, offers a complete and professional sandblasting service. Our qualified experts are dedicated to the meticulous preparation of your parts before painting, using sandblasting techniques to ensure results of the highest quality.


Atelier Desforges not only specializes in electrostatic painting and sandblasting, it also offers complementary services ranging from pick-up to delivery of your parts. Find out more about our other services today.


We specialize in the application of electrostatic powder paint to various alloys. We prepare the surface to be painted to the highest standard, using sandblasting to apply the electrostatic powder paint. Take a look at some of the work we've done for various customers.


Simplify our customers' lives by offering them top-quality electrostatic painting services, quickly and attentively.

Atelier Desforges is ISO 9001 certified.


We guarantee excellence throughout the process, from communication with the customer to final delivery. We leave nothing to chance to ensure the highest quality, including meticulous preparation for painting.


Our team is highly professional and collaborative, enabling us to achieve extraordinary results efficiently and effectively.


We build lasting relationships based on respect and accessibility. Our account managers are always ready to listen and offer you an unrivalled service.