Your Reliable Electrostatic Paint Partner

You need to deliver quickly but still need your part to be painted? No worries, we take care of everything from part pick up, sandblasting, powder coating, quality control to delivery. One call will save you many headaches.

Equipped to Help:

  • 1 electrostatic paint oven (8 x 8 x 30 ft)
  • 1 electrostatic paint oven (10 x 10 x 35 ft)
  • 2 paint booths
  • 1 sandblast booth (12 x 12 x 24 ft)
  • 1 chemical cleaning booth (12 x 12 x 24 ft)


Sandblasting is a very effective method for part preparation prior to painting. The powerful sand blast removes any imperfections, cleans and smooths metal, steel and aluminum surfaces. This industrial sanding technique allows for the cleaning of oversized parts thanks to our 12 x 12 x 24-foot sandblasting booth. This deep-cleaning method ensures paint adheres evenly for an exceptional result.

Chemical Pre-Treatment

For smaller, more fragile parts, we use a chemical pre-treatment method. We select an alloy-specific chemical cleaner best suited for surface preparation using a 5-step cleaning process.

Electrostatic Coating

Powder paint is environmentally sound and available in a wide array of finishes. This type of coating offers ideal durability for metal, aluminum, stainless and steel parts. Its application is handled by our experts in one of our two paint booths, then baked in one of our two oversized ovens. Electrostatic coating is a very resistant process offering a drip-free finish.

Finishing & Quality Control

At DESFORGES, parts never leave the paint shop until thoroughly inspected. Our Quality Assurance Inspector ensures all parts are completely coated and coating thickness is optimal. The Inspector also conducts testing for paint adhesiveness and baking. All these quality checks certify the electrostatic painting process has been performed according to best manufacturing practices ensuring delivery of your product with a superior quality coating.

Emergency Industrial Paint Service

Your parts production is lagging and caused you scheduling delays? No problem. We get the last step is often painting and we meet you where you are. Operating around the clock, our 2 electrostatic paint ovens (8 x 8 x 30 ft & 10 x 10 x 35 ft) ensure you will still meet your delivery deadline. You need your parts painted for next-day delivery? We’ll meet your challenge without compromising on quality. We even pick up parts at your place of business and deliver once the painting is complete. No one can match our emergency service.

Pick up & Delivery Service

We understand how pressed you are for time and even offer a pick-up and delivery service. When you mandate Atelier Desforges with a painting contract, we offer you a full turnkey solution: from part pick up, painting to wrapped delivery of the finished product to your specific wrapping requirements.

With 2 delivery trucks at our disposal, we can comfortably manage delivery in the greater Montreal area. We can even perform part pick up, cleaning and painting for next-day delivery. No other supplier tops this.